Going Home

Your Discharge

When your doctor decides you are ready to leave the hospital, a discharge order will be written. You may want to make arrangements with a family member or friend to help you when it’s time to go home. When you are ready to leave, a member of the hospital staff will escort you to the front entrance and help you into the car. Some important things to remember are:

Personal Belongings

Collect all of your belongings and double-check closets and drawers. If you have any valuables stored in the Switchboard/Admissions office for safekeeping, call the operator for assistance.

Discharge Instructions

Your doctor and your nurse will give you instructions about post-hospital care. If you have questions about your medication, diet, activities or other matters, please be sure to ask at this time.

After You Are Discharged

There are occasions when patients need additional treatment or care after they are discharged from the hospital. To meet the special needs of these patients Great Plains Regional Medical Center offers some specific options.

Guest Trays

If a family member or a friend wants to eat in your room with you, the person may go to The Grill, buy a meal to go and take it back to your room. If the person does not want to go to The Grill, a guest meal tray can be delivered to your room for $3.50 plus tax. Please call Food Services at extension 363 for more information.